Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Walking Dead Returns!

Great News.....(gasps for air)
Season 2 of the walking dead... (wheezes) coming back on October 16th....must get people to watch this show so it stays on the air!
Seriously though, I can't believe that someone made a zombie series that's actually good. I recommend it highly.
On to nails...

Lately I've been trying to improve my handpainting skills. Konad is great, but there's nothing quite like drawing a beautiful design yourself. And since I don't really like to change my nails every day, I practiced on some fake ones.

  I'm particularly proud of the cherries and the cherry blossoms, and hope to incorporate them into a full manicure soon. The purple with black slanted french kinda reminded me of a dinosaur egg. I kept thinking "Dino" on my head  whenever I looked at it :)
The trouble with nail art is that there's no limit to your imagination, but we only have 12 nails to decorate. I don't really have anyone's nails but mine to decorate, so all these ideas are just floating around in my head waiting to be materialized. Thanks to my new dotting tool, I'm going dot expect some dotty designs!
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