Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Polka Dots

Hey everyone,

I've been sick as a dog for the past few days :(. When I did my nails on Monday, I was just starting to get sick, so I really wasn't up for doing anything too fancy. I decided to use 2 of my newest Wet n Wild polishes, Teal of Fortune and How I Met Your Magenta, and do a simple design with dots.

Wet n Wild 'Teal of Fortune' and 'How I Met Your Magenta'
(Outdoors, no flash)
(Outdoors, Flash)
(Indoors, no flash)

I used Teal of Fortune and a dotting tool to make the dots.
I admit, I really wasn't a fan of the Wet n Wild fast dry brushes at first, but now I love them! I'm able to paint my nails neatly, which means little to no clean up after. Both polishes are beautiful, but Teal of Fortune was the showstopper for me. The indoor photo is the most color accurate in my opinion. It looks a lot closer to green than teal, and is packed with shimmery particles. How I Met Your Magenta is a hot pink polish with beautiful gold shimmer. It dries to a semi matte finish, so you might want to use top coat to gloss it up.
Both polishes were completely opaque after 3 coats. 
Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes are still only $0.99 at Walgreens, but the sale ends 9/24. Get them while you can! For the price, you really cant go wrong.



  1. Your nails are so long, love them! Hope you're feeling better x

  2. Teal of Fortune looks amaaazing on your nails!! I love this design, its simple but fun!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! I still feel like crap, but I'll pull through :)

  4. Teal of Fortune is an untried in my collection but after see your design..i seriously need to get this color on my nails. haha.
    Hope you feel better!


  5. this is so cute and fun, love it!