Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Opi DS Coronation + Bundle Monster

Hello :)

I'll start this post off by warning you: I cut my  nails down considerably. My pinkie nail had a crack in it, and rather than start cutting up tea bags and possibly driving myself nuts trying to salvage it, I cut it off at the crack. Since having one single short nail didn't look cute, I cut down and filed all the rest of my nails to match my fresh nubbin of a pinkie.
I immediately regretted the decision, and wished I had tried to salvage my poor pinkie nail after all. But after looking at my  hands for an entire day, I think I'm actually preferring the look and feel of my freshly cut talons! I'm usually able to type quickly and accurately, but my longer nails slowed me down considerably. Now that they're shorter, I type better again, my polish doesn't seem to be chipping as quickly, and they just look neater and more uniform in shape to me.
But enough chat, on to the pictures:

Materials Used:
OPI DS Coronation (base color)

Color Club Wild at Heart (stamping)
 Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-221

I rely on natural light for the majority of my pictures, and since its been raining for what feels like a month, I haven't had many photo-ops with ol' mister sun in a while. The pictures don't do OPI DS Coronation much justice. It's packed with scattered holographic particles that sparkle when the light catches it a certain way. To me, the brush looked diamond encrusted with the wet polish on it. The formula on this was really easy to work with, and it dried relatively quickly. I can't say enough good things about this polish. You can see a really good swatch of it here. Color Club Wild at Heart is great for stamping. In the light you can really see the scattered holo effect of both polishes. I'm really disappointed that the sun wasn't out :( But the sun will come out tomorrow...or so the weather man says :-). Maybe I'll get some brightly lit pictures then...

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  1. I love this stamp! I have looked at it many times on my nail art wheel, but I have not used it yet!

  2. Very pretty! I used to like my nails long but after keeping them shorter this year I really think I much prefer them short that long.

  3. This is a great manicure, I especially love the colours you've chosen :-)
    There will be a blog award waiting for you tomorrow on my blog by the way!

  4. Such a pretty design-I think I like your nails shorter! Am a new follower!

  5. Thank you everyone for the comments!
    @ Fingers: Thanks for following!