Monday, July 11, 2011

Black Fishnet with Flower Motif

Hola :)

I'm at the end of my 5 day mini vacation. The highlight was the Six Flags trip last week. Other than that, I've been happily seated on my steadily growing behind, web surfing, watching re- runs of  The Office, and eating any snacks with the misfortune of being within arms reach. I was supposed to work today, but had to run a few early morning errands. So its back to the grind tomorrow :(  These are the nails that I'll be showing off:

I loved the way this turned out. I used China Glaze Frosty as my base color (2 coats). I stamped the fishnet image from Konad Image Plate m57 and stamped the flowers from Konad Image Plate m60 over it. All stamping was done using Konad special polish in black. I didn't like the way it was looking at that point, so I filled in the flower petals with L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art paint in black, and added a pink dot to the center of each flower with L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art paint in a shocking pink color...I don't remember the actual name of it, and feel too lazy to go look. If anyone is ever interested in what the name of that pink one, I'll post it :)
I tried to do the same thing on my right hand, but it turned out to be an epic fail. It took forever to do my right thumb, and after i slightly botched my pointer finger, I gave up on trying to embellish my right hand. So the flowers stamped on my right middle, ring, and pinkie fingers only have the pink dot in the middle of them. My hand was steady enough to do that, but filling in the petals wasn't gonna happen. I thought I'd spare the world from seeing it, so I didn't take any pictures.

This design came about after a failed attempt at an uunderwater themed mani with Konad m27, and yet another failed attempt at a strawberries mani with the old Bundle Monster strawberry image. I realize that I suck at layering right now... but I haven't given up! I'm a bit behind with my posts, but I hope to catch up. Last weeks mani with Opi Teenage Dream was magical! But for now, I  must go.

Till next time....

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